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Obituary for Jean Paul "JPL" Lamarche

Lamarche, Jean Paul

Jean Paul Lamarche, or (Just Plain Lucky), as I like to say, moves on today, to another “opportunity.” I will be back in a new and hopefully improved model. I have enjoyed over 25,000 days of living and celebrated almost every day with a smile and handshake for all. Born in Montreal, Quebec, oldest of a family of 18. It can be said that I was not necessarily dealt a great hand, but what can be said is that I played it well. If I ever met you, I was the lucky one. I learned everything I could from you and I became better because of you! Thank you for allowing that. You may have forgotten me, but I never forgot you! I count the thousands of you, who helped me grow, learn, laugh, and enjoy the five senses.

I was proudly named after my amazing grandfather, JPL, by my 17-year-old mother, Barbara, who had the nerve to challenge the laws in Quebec, forbidding women to name their children (my father name me Claude).
Things did not start off well, as I was a young rebel, with a huge chip on my shoulder. Long hair, Fu Manchu moustache, bell bottoms and muscle shirt, I questioned everything. I failed high school, only to go back as a “mature” student! Fooled them! My poorest subject was mathematics, yet I was to later start a consulting practice in financial strategies as well as write books on Pricing Budgeting and Estimating. Go figure…lol!

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, took the one less traveled by, and THAT, has made all the difference” – Robert Frost

I ran away from home at 13, only to be brought back by the police so many times that they did not bother any more once I turned 17. I refused to follow the school curriculum and did things my way. I was the “Class Clown”. I raced cars and owed $20K, by the time I was 20. I kind of did that a lot during my life. If I saw everyone doing the one thing, I would do the opposite, if they all went one way, I went the other. I lived by the statement, “Rough waters make for good Sailors.” You could say I continually voted for the underdog, with the only exception being my team, the Montreal Canadiens…sorry Brian. Many years ago, I was given a keychain that summed up my character… “Why Be Normal.” I lived exactly like this. Too many people are constipated! Life has an expiration date! I chose to live happy. I was given 86, 400 seconds everyday to enjoy. The people who know me best, know I lived every second I could. I worked like I did not need the money. I loved like I has never been hurt. I danced like no one was watching, I sang like no one was listening. But, most of all, I lived as if it was my last day!!
– Jean Paul Lamarche

Arrangements have been entrusted to Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home. A private memorial service will be held on Friday June 12, 2020 at 11 a.m. Click Here to View the Service Live Stream